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yeap,X-mas coming!
he looks yummy, airport, edit, myungsoo
So Christmas is coming,and I have to buy my friends some presents... I'm thinking about buying my best-friends Necklaces.. this sounds ugh~ I mean even though I'm a girl and all that,I'm bad at buying or choosing somethings for somebody else,since I rarely do so.And to be honest some of my friends that I do care about don't give a snap about me.It hurts when you care about people around you when they only care about what they're going to get from you! last time I check no one give a crap about my birthday except my whole entire family and few of my best friends the others were acting as if they didn't even know it was my B-day that day! they apologized to me and act normally afterward,but what really hurt me that day when I heard some of them saying that they knew and act if they doesn't,because of their girlfriends/boyfriends or even their or friends doesn't like me! and now I'm not a friend of so many of them I still remember how I ignored or stopped talking to 10 of them for acting dumb.Now,even though I don't want them to be around me no more,I only wish them the best for next year,why?,because I really can't hate people,I just can't.
And let me tell you this.One day there was an earthquake in the area I live in Currently and we all were in school,as usual the principal announces the whole school needs to be outside of the building,it was 6th period which is last. we were going to the Black-Top but then one of them came to me and he was like "I just wanna tell you something,I don't care if tomorrow gonna be judgement day or not but only one thing I hate you,and I don't wanna be your friend no more".OK I don't care go die! but anyways,I don't really give a crap about anyone any more,and yeah since I'm not sure if I'll ever write something any more,Merry Christmas everyone! please be safe and have a nice break wherever you at :) 


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